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Worldpress Seo

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. It uses multiple other PHP frameworks such as Laminas and Symfony. Magento source code is distributed.

    Benefits of Using MAGENTO SEO

  • It Helps to Increase Social Media Trust
  • You Can Redirect Traffic To Your Website
  • You Can Communicate With Your Followers Easily

Best WordPress SEO service agency in India

Blue Media Box creates completely tailored WordPress sites from scratch!

Our WordPress SEO winning strategy:
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Meta title, tag, and image optimization
  • Executing rich snippets
  • Video creation and optimization
  • Article writing strategy and implementation
  • Google analytics
  • Business page listing
  • Link building
  • Synchronizing website for social media

Best WordPress SEO Company - The Important Factors To Consider

At Blue Media Box, the WordPress search engine optimization company India, we deliver the most appropriate and best web content to our customers. Our team of WordPress SEO experts involves highly experienced tech wizards.The WordPress sites built by us boost a high level of organic traffic to the ecommerce website of our customers. Our proven and updated strategies for complete website development and optimization are the result of speed, accuracy and time discipline.The testimonials of our customers speak wonders about Blue Media Box. The WordPress SEO optimized sites of our clients have enjoyed high levels of ranks, high traffic and increased revenue for years.

Our experienced team of WordPress SEO experts knows how to provide completely customized WordPress SEO services in India to our clients.

WordPress SEO - Does Using WordPress Is An Advantage For SEO

No doubt, WordPress offers the best resources when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). While using WordPress you are able to control everything ranging from design to keywords.

  • WordPress focuses on user experience
  • Attractive permalinks can be built with WordPress
  • With WordPress you can manage metadata easily
  • The process of optimizing images for optimization is very convenient using WordPress
  • There is no competitor for WordPress sites in slow loading time
  • WordPress interface is mobile friendly
  • WordPress offers easy process for integration of social media and site content
  • It has lots of SEO particular Plugins
Advantages of using WordPress SEO services offered by Blue Media Box

WordPress is undoubtedly one the best methods to take advantage of SEO. If you want to enjoy the fullest benefits of WordPress SEO then you need expert support from the professionals like Blue Media Box, which is a specialist WordPress SEO company India.Below are the marks of success for Blue Media Box as a WordPress SEO service company.Take time to browse through these below-mentioned points.

Selection of domain name

We give most priority to customization and personalization. Rather than a sub-domain name, we offer you to choose a customized domain name.


We build tailored designs based on your needs with CSS files for winning Blogspot Blog Optimization.


At Blue Media Box we have skilled developers for WordPress blog SEO, blog optimization, WordPress BlogSpot and everything else related to WordPress.


Our professional team of WordPress plug-ins experts is a pro at creating WordPress plug-ins too. To set and modify the performance of your blogs as per your wants you can take help of the plug-in.


We offer a variety of options for the customization of WordPress themes for your blog promotion. WordPress allows you to download the themes depending on the type of blog and requirements.

SEO friendly

WordPress is packed with all the features and resources which allow you to transmit an alert to search engines every time your blog is updated. But services like this take a lot of effort and time if you try to implement them on your own.So, the experts of Blue Media Box are always there at your service.

As a Best WordPress SEO Company We Follow the Advance Process Of WordPress SEO

Our 9 Steps Organic SEO Process

WordPress provides the world's best content management system (CMS), many businesses all across the globe often use it for building their web pages.We have done many WordPress SEO projects with below mentioned process and all of them have good page rank and traffic from search engines.

Examine Your SEO Goals

Our process starts with a proper understanding of the entire business and evaluation of your SEO goals.We will increase brand visibility and the number of conversations and ROI, establish your brand reliability and brand image.

Performing an SEO Audit

SEO audit is performed to give the right direction to strategy after generating SEO reports from our SEO experts. We will also go through your Google analytics and Google webmaster tools to provide complete SEO Audit reports to increase more relevant visitors that come to the websites.

Competition Analysis

We utilise paid tools like SimilarWeb, SEMRush, Spyfu and Siteliner to perform competition analysis.In competition analysis, we analyse domain value and authority, review current backlinks and page authority,estimate keyword rankings and examine current traffic.

Establish a Suitable SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategy involves three elements

  • On-page SEO - helps in optimizing the content for higher SERP rankings based on keywords
  • Off-page SEO - focuses on link to point out with high PR authority website across the internet
  • Technical SEO - consists of technical modifications to easily crawled Google bot.
On-Page Optimization and Keyword Research

With our high expertise in on-page optimization we address all loopholes that are found through the SEO audit and optimize each segment of the website to increase higher rankings. We enhance your site with meta tag, HTML tag, content optimization, swapping internal link, URL and redirection, load time, website navigation and structure etc.

Off-Page Optimization and Link Building

In Off-page optimization, we make sure to link-building with finest websites to generate blog posting, backlink, infographics, document sharing, guest posting etc. This step is related to the domain authority (DA) of a site which can impact the SERP rankings.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is important to implement to keep up with the ever-changing algorithm of Google with respect to SEO rankings. In this step of technical SEO, a proper checkup is conducted to ensure that the website is indexable and crawlable. We make sure you receive a technically healthy SEO report card.

SEO Content Optimization

We provide highly optimized and non-plagiarized content to our customers for their website and blogs. In addition to this we also provide unique content for their social media deliverables.

Why Do You Have to Choose Us For WordPress SEO Services?

We, at Blue Media Box, utilise cutting-edge technology, features and upgraded plugins to increase rank and traffic of your WordPress website. Our customers are always happy with our service also because of the affordable price in which all these services are provided to them. Also, our SEO packages are flexible depending on the scale of the business.

Our Portfolio

Blue Media Box has helped numerous WordPress websites to achieve desirable SEO results And now we are ready to assist you with your project.

Wordpress Seo FAQs

It depends on many factors such as the size of the website, content quality, methods used for link building, targeted keywords, the time when the links are created and many others. You can expect the improvements after 3 months if you continue with effective Wordpress SEO.

We accept various modes of payment such as Debit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Credit Cards. You can go through our Payment terms and conditions to urge more details.

Blue Media Box is not only a top SEO agency in India but is also a reputed name in the field of digital marketing. We offer all types of digital marketing services which involve: – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Online Reputation Management – SMO (Social Media Optimization) – PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing – Email marketing – Video Marketing – Content Marketing.

We as the Top SEO company always try to make the costs affordable for our customers. As per as the precise cost is concerned, it varies from project to project based on its current ranking on the search engines, number of keywords that need to be targeted, size of the website and also the size of business. You can discuss your needs with us and we will provide you with a free quote after analysing your website.

Google ratings and reviews impact SEO a lot. Google ratings and reviews can influence your SEO ranking. Besides, Google Maps and Google reviews go together.Rich Google ratings can enable businesses to increase their visibility, acquire a competitive edge, and boost their rankings on SERPs.

Google ratings and reviews impact SEO a lot. Google ratings and reviews can influence your SEO ranking. Besides, Google Maps and Google reviews go together.Rich Google ratings can enable businesses to increase their visibility, acquire a competitive edge, and boost their rankings on SERPs.

Sure! We love taking note of your ideas and converting them into reality. You can share your thoughts with us and we will surely work on them or can propose some changes to make them work better. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best WordPress SEO services, no matter what it takes.