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Hospitality ON Website Design

Hospitality ON created in 2011, the Hospitality ON magazine and hospitaltiy-on.com website are the direct extension of HTR (Hotel, Tourism & Restaurant), which was created in 1994, and the Hôtel Restau Hebdo newspaper created in 2000, and their respective sites.

Hospitality ON is available in French and English to find the news on and to analyze all aspects of the French, European and global hospitality industry and international hotel news.

Iglobalizer worked with Hospitality ON to rebuild their existing website to be more responsive and user-friendly for mobile phone browsers.
A dual goal for the website was to illustrate the credibility that Hospitality ON had built in the last several years. We used testimonials and badges to showcase their brand image. One concern Hospitality ON had at the project onset was maintaining the search engine rankings they currently held. They had several first page rankings on Google and did not want to lose
these with the launch of their new website.Our ORM experts made this possible by providing quality content and managing some critical search engine optimization tasks. Our ORM solutions also help to improve on their search engine rankings.

Iglobalizer Provided:
  • Web design & development
  • Content writing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Marketing consulting
  • Social media marketing